10:30David JonesWelcome and introduction
10:40Rob IzzardBinary stars and nucleosynthesis
11:10Henri BoffinPlanetary Nebulae as the essential tool in understanding common envelope evolution
11:30Miguel Santander-GarcíaA glimpse of the ionised and molecular mass distribution of post-common-envelope planetary nebulae
11:50Roger WessonAbundance discrepancies in post-common envelope planetary nebulae
12:10Steven ParsonsWhite dwarfs with main-sequence AFGK star companions
12:40Sarah CasewellBrown dwarfs in post common envelope systems
14:00Nadejda BlagorodnovaCommon-Envelope transients
14:30Tomasz KaminskiDecoding the common envelope phase from observations of stellar-merger remnants
14:50Dominika HubováLong-lasting mass loss before the dynamical common envelope ejection
15:10Diego Calderón3D simulations of unstable stellar wind collisions